See variables used in component

Variables would be so much easier to control if similar to styles, I could select a number of frames and see which variables were referenced in the right panel

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Thanks for the feedback!

With variables currently in open beta, we’ll pass this onto the team for consideration as we continue to polish the experience.

@wllung maybe I am misunderstanding you but if you mean displaying color variables used within a frame, it already exists (refer to video). Did you mean controlling the (Color) variable’s value in the right panel?

Hi Amir, thank you for your response. I should have been more specific, if the variable used is a color, you can reference the variable in the right panel like you pointed out.

But I am also using variables to control width, height, gap, padding, margins, and corner-radius. It would be nice to be able to see which variables were referenced in those instances too.

On top of that, I am seriously considering string variables for blocks of copy I want to keep consistent, that’s something else worth tracking on the right panel.

Got you, as variables are currently in open beta. The only indicators for number and text variables are the boxes around the number or variable symbols for text ones. In the near future things will be different, for now we have to be patient with what Figmates are cooking :blush: