Search bar in selection list of Variants

I am actively using Variants, but there is not enough search in the Variants selection list in component. In my Design System I decided to design one basic component: 1 button, 1 input field, 1 icon … etc. I implement the rest of the variations and states in Variants. I’ve in my base 16px Icon component 34 Variants of icons, in base 24px Icon as many.

Search bar would be of great help:

Does anyone use Variants like me? How did you solve this navigation (Search) problem? :blush:


Yeap! That’s usefull thing! Guys from Figma team must be thought about that. I’m really need it too👌

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I have many variance with fairly long names and hence, the variants menu is extremely long. Just like the fonts menu. I would like to be able to search/filter this list, possibly through a search field at the top of the menu. Furthermore, since the variants names are very long, I would like to see the variants menu, as well as the fonts menu widened to accommodate all the text, without using ellipses.

Have a look at the screenshot here, you’ll see multiple variance that seemingly have the same name. However, the end portion of the name differs from the front portion but the end portion is hidden away as the menu is so narrow:

Can the developers of Figma help to increase the width of this menu and optionally add a search field at the top?

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Hello, I created a Variant for the icon family that I use to design. Using variants makes it much easier to create prototypes for icons, but when I am using them in design it is too hard to find the specific icon because I can not search icons by name or at least preview them if they are created as Variants.

The family of icons that I use (it takes too much time to find the icon I want to use :frowning_face: ):

I don’t want to use icons as components, because component icons can not be prototyped in my design pages.

Please share any tips or tricks if you have the same issue :smiley:

Please don’t use variants for icons. Never never ever!!!

@AshA @Sabri_Hakuli @Dmitrii_Denezhkin

This feature suggestion is still valid and useful, so I’m keeping it open, but I’m gonna mark this answer as a solution for visibility — so many people make this big mistake. More info:

I also made this mistake. Is there a way to transform these variants into symbols without losing the name of each symbol?

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