"Scroll to" Anchor tags on single page

I had previously built out a horizontal sticky navigation that used the “Scroll to” interaction on the page. The interactions seem to have broken this week, maybe due to an update? When I click on one of the links the page will scroll down to the content (and the nav slides up and is sticky at the top of the page), but all of the links are scrolled up as well, off of their nav item so they not longer work. It is as if the hotspots have moved up and away from the links. I can provide a screenshot, or link if needed privately.

Hi @JP112, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I empathize with the frustration of something not working as it did before.

Thank you for offering to share the file. It can be difficult to identify the issue without viewing the file.
To share the file privately, would you be willing to contact our support team directly using this link: Submit a request – Figma Learn - Help Center
When you contact our support team, please include the following information:

  • Make sure to use your Figma account Email.
  • Add support-share@figma.com as an Editor to the affected file and any related library files (this will not impact your billing) and send those direct links.
  • Please share a video demonstrating the issue you are experiencing.

This will allow our support team to conduct a thorough investigation and provide more targeted guidance.
Thank you once again for your cooperation and understanding!