Scroll Container Ignores Child Size

I thought this should work and I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before:

I have a [Scroll Container] (width 200px) and a [Slider Container] (width 400px). I can scroll the content 200px from left to right.

Now I want to give the [Slider Container] some children that extend past the [Slider Container], however, the [Slider Container] size is NOT changed.

I would expect that I still can scroll the [Slider Container] 200px from left to right.

The actual outcome is that I can scroll the [Slider Container] the 200px + the extended bit from it’s children.
→ The [Scroll Container] basically ignores the [Slider Container]'s actual size but uses the bounding box all of it’s visible children to scroll.

Did something change here?
Is there a way to force the scrolling to use it’s childs size and not it’s subchildren for the scrolling?

I need to see the file so I can help you better, maybe there’s some issues in the structure

Of course, here you go:

I see the issue, you forgot to subtract the Thumb width from the 400px so no matter how you center the thumb it will be off center the solution is by removing the 48 px (thumb width) will solve the issue

see the link below


Hope this help

Thanks for your suggestion. This works with fixed size slider, however it does not work when scaling the sliders:


yes but unfortunately there is no possible solution as far as I know, you need to modify the size manually