Scale x8 boxes in autolayout


Completely new to Figma and I’m trying to do what I think should be a simple auto layout.

I have x8 image boxes, two rows x4 on each.

I want to add responsiveness, I want them to fill the screen edge to edge but I want them all to scale perfectly and remain exact boxes for different device size, not overlap or turn into rectangles.

Please see attachment to get the idea of what I want, and then the two illustrations showing what I keep getting when I try to play around with the various auto layout settings.

I even tried applying auto layout to the entire desktop frame in the hope that it would then see the x8 individual boxes as a single group and scale accordingly.

Any ideas what settings I should use?

Hey @Mark_Wilde – if I understood correctly, I made a recording that may help. I think there may be something in your layer hierarchy that may not be creating the action you want.

In my recording, you can dupe the example and then resize the frame to fit whatever your device is.

Let me know if I missed the mark.