Save Issue: Worrying


So I seem to come across a issue today with Figma saving files. Two people working on the same file, one person online, and the other person offline.

What happened next was the person who worked offline came back online this morning and made the Figma file revert back to an old saved file state, it changed all the layer page names, I checked over the file and changes were made to my System fonts style. I had to go back to version History and change to the last saved state

Has anyone here had this problem before?


Yup! I had this issue as well. I made a change like 6 times, and each time, my boss would come into the file to check my changes and it would revert back to his version, erasing all my changes, not good!

Yeah, i only seem to happen if the other user keep the file open for a long time without closing it, or goes off line and keeps the file open. To see 5 days worth of work disappear was just a little scary to say the least.

I had this happen to me today. Two people working in the file. We were both online, then I lost internet connection for about 2 minutes and when it came back up the file had reverted back to a previous version from days ago. A page was missing and other pages had content that were incomplete that were complete before my outage. Very unsettling.

For a moment there I thought I was the only one, not to sure what the work around would be for it?