Save Comment Drafts

If I am writing feedback in a comment and need to go back and inspect something, once I click out of the unsent message, the entire typed comment in progress disappears.

Can we please have the ability to auto-save comment drafts so I do not need to remember to copy and paste what I have in progress each time?

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@Janine_Long Ah, yeah – hear* you on that one. I also struggle with that in other places that don’t save progress. I adjusted your topic title a bit (to make it easier to search for) to make the request more clear. Will also pass it on internally for consideration!

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Great! Thank you so much!

It would be helpful to save a draft so that even if you clicked back close to where you’d started to leave a comment it’d pull up the content so it doesn’t get lost.

Please please please add this. I don’t know how many times I’ve been middle of a long comment and I want to go get a closer look at what I’m commenting on, and click away from the comment bubble and I lose the comment and have to start all over again. Hours wasted on this :frowning:

I would like this too!