Running into "File out of memory" while resolving conflicts

Yep, happens all the time, with every preview the memory usage creeps up by 1 or %2.
I managed to get the file up to 99% memory usage this morning, it literally feels like a ticking timebomb. No idea what happens after that but I didn’t wait to find out and had to restart. Not good Figma, especially when you are on a client call! :triumph:

This is a real problem. I think it stems from the fact that even on the desktop Figma runs in a browser. There seems to be approx 2gb RAM limit which is not enough for large design system files (which is where you really need branching).
Nightmare… please resolve


Same problem, since turning on Enterprise with branching enabled it has never succeeded in successfully updating from the master branch to the other branch, it has always been out of memory, even with only ten conflicts. I think such a feature is unusable, and it is a huge loss of confidence for enterprise users.

I got a file with 17% percent memory usage, but when reviewing updates it skyrockets to above 80%.
The only thing I’ve been able to do is delete content of a branch and then copy from main file, but this may break components, so need to use external plugins to connect them, which might result in undesired consequences.

Please, Figma, fix.

Same problem here.
I’m pretty concerned about the fact that this problem seems to happen regularly and there are no clear solutions or guidelines as to what can be done to avoid the issue. The initial comment was published in July 2021, I’m writing this in Feb 2024, and people seem to still be having issues with this…

Same problem file is too heavy to merge and can’t resolve conflicts because we’re running out of memory is there a temporary alt we can do while Figma team takes care of fixing this issue once it for all?