Running into "File out of memory" while resolving conflicts

Folks running into the same issue, has anyone found a resolution to this?

Keeping this thread alive, I have been receiving team reports of this problem and would like to know how to proceed


Same here. I have a branch I’m trying to merge into the main file, and I keep getting this error message. Distributed teams all have the main file bookmarked and this is going to cause issues if they need to remap, lose comment history, etc.

Is there a workaround for getting my branch changes into the main file? Sounds like branches are not safe to use?

This won’t work for every branching situation, but I was just able to get around an 80+ conflict merge that was throwing this memory error. Instead of going through each conflict individually, I hit the “Resolve All” option and picked one branch to use for all the changes. It merged quickly with no memory warnings.

+1 - been running into this issue for months at this point. Might have to resort to saving each version into a new branch. Can’t even merge to main.

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I just wanted to say I just ran into this too - I was able to find a way around it by identifying a page that needed to be deleted to get the file in sync with main, but both files were originally at 20-25% of usage, so having this come up during the merge was definitely a surprise.

Is Figma support watching this thread @raquino, and are there any suggestions? We recently upgraded to the organization plan and have run into this issue, and it’s a problem. The files are not even that big. It’s the process of merging that causes a memory spike and, ultimately, this error. Can someone please advise.

+1 to this - Cleaned up the file and reduces the size and nothing…
A few days ago it was saying that there was an update from the main to the branch and was for “optimization” only, no real changes… that’s when it crashed for the first time and then this started happening where I can’t resolve conflicts nor merge the branch

This is exactly what happened to me - stuck in branch limbo unable to merge. I think main and feature branch were both smaller than 1GB. I can’t recall exactly how I resolved this (after backing up both files, and reverting back to earlier versions, I think I was able to get changes back into main with some manual updates)

After that ordeal (which came at end of sprint) I ended up breaking up my main file into separate files, and no longer use branching. It was a pain because we had to re-link lots of tickets from the old monolithic file to the new files, devs and other stakeholders needed to remap bookmarks, and had to keep the old file around with instructions on where to find the latest up to date designs. It was not a great look for me, our design team, or Figma as a tool.

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I’m running into this several times too…any solutions yet? I haven’t found a pattern for when it happens and when it doesn’t.

Hey All,

Solutions will be case by case, depending on your file. The forum is primarily managed by the community, so please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help:

Be sure to use provide a link to your file and share it with

Hi all,

I found a method to get out of this rut that worked in my case (0.55GB file, cannot merge Branch because of too much modifications from the Main File):

  1. Be sure that all the Main File is correctly up to date with your latest needs
  2. Create a new branch
  3. Paste in this new Branch all edits from previous Branch
  4. With a smaller gap with Main File, the new Branch is ready to merge
  5. The first problematic Branch can now be archived or removed

This solution doesn’t need to lose Branch’s work or step backwards in the main file.

Hope this helps!


I can also confirm that this is a concerning issue for our enterprise Figma usage.
Besides that the previews in the conflict panel load painfully long, this memory error is a real blocker to us currently.

I was also disappointed to not hear about any improvements to branching on config.


Experiencing this as well in our team. Terrifying when you have so many files depending on these libraries that won’t merge.

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Also experiencing this and it’s super problematic. Makes Branching practically useless if we can’t reliably Branch without the risk of being locked out of Merging.

Smaller changes might be a solution but this invalidates the freedom of branching as well, giving it an artificial limitation that makes it far too much of a hassle to bother with.

Same here, branching is useless! Moved all unnecesary pages, told all the devs to look into seprate file, and still getting the error :frowning: needed to manually copy from branch to main file and fix all the issues.


Same issue here. Feels almost pointless to have branches when you are not able to actually use them in the process…

We also ran into this problem today. After a lot of trial and error I was able to merge the branch while taking the following steps…

  1. Open the file in your browser. I used Chrome and made sure all other tabs were closed and that in the browser settings the memory and power saving modes were disabled.
  2. Before merging I first updated the branch from the main file
  3. In the resolve conflicts screen it took a long time to load. Be patient… when the screen was fully loaded I resolved the conflicts all in one go, instead of resolving every individual conflict one at a time. I feel this did the trick in our situation as the memory usage warning didn’t reach 100% this time.
  4. Merged the branch into the main file with no remarkable problems, it was a bit slow though. After merging the branch the memory issue vanished.

Hope this helps :v:

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I think we all have the same problem, and the problem gets bigger when you have all the links already generated on other platforms.
When you merge, you have to wait decades in front of the computer, or just close the app.

In my case, with a document that only takes 157,9mb, linked to 6 component libraries, it is impossible for me to work with branches.

I wasted hours waiting, and after waiting, watching the screen go blank (in Figma grey), with nothing saved.
I’m going to write a report, but having to explain to a client that I’m going to let a third party see a confidential project, I don’t think he’s going to be amused, and he might not even let me do it. In this case, what should I do?

Duplicate an entire project by removing any reference to the client or the system used?
I have to justify those hours in terms of budgets.
How do I justify that with the amount of money we pay per year to Figma, I have to solve a problem generated by Figma?

Thank you for your patience @dvaliao


I’ve been having this problem for months, I’ve lost a few branches and merging them has been a nightmare. When I click on “update form main” Figma crashes right away.

I even divided my main file into two others to become smaller, but somehow it is worse now.