Rules of text truncate

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I and my team we are searching for information about the new function to automatically truncate text. Do you know how it works ? What is the rules of truncating ? Because we made some tests and we don’t understant how it works actually :slight_smile:

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Hey Aurelien,

Make sure your text has a fixed height (cuts it off horizontally) or is set to fill content when using auto layout, otherwise figma does not know where to cut off your text and turns “truncate” off. (you need to turn it on again, might be one confusing point) If you are not using auto-layout and just constraints you can set your text to for example left and right and top and bottom in the constraints menu to make truncating work.

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I think @Aurelien_Barbier is referring to the rule behind the truncation feature. It’s pretty weird, sometimes it advances by one character, at other times by four. :thinking:

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You are right, rule behind truncation is really weird, I sometimes need only a few characters …but it truncates a complete word…

cc @Figma_Support


oh got it! This is also something I would like to know :thinking:

Yes it’s more about the rule behin truncation, not how to activate it :slight_smile:
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I’m also having this issue, sometimes it truncates in the middle of the word (what I want) and other times it will only truncate at the end of a word, leaving extra space rather than filling the whole frame.


It would be useful to set if you want to truncate the text by word, by character, or by syllable! I need this


Yeah it’s very annoying sometimes that complete words are truncated out! We need more control over this

Any update on that?

Hi All, Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

After checking internally about the text truncation rules, we expect that the ICU word break rules will be applied.

If you’re experiencing something different, would you mind ‌reaching out to our support team here?:
Please be sure to use the email associated with your Figma account, and include the video of the issue you are facing.
This way, our team can go ahead and pass this along to our engineers so they can help us look into this further.

Thanks all for your help here!