Rive Animation Embed

I’d love to see Rive embeds working live in Figma. Currently, in Notion you can embed a rive animation and then interact with it directly in the Notion window, this is also available on Twitter feeds. Here is an example of some Rive animations running in notion → RIVE EXAMPLE

I am currently creating motion design standards to complement a design system and giving the engineers the ability to interact with the component they are building would be phenomenal.

I’d love to see Rive animations incorporated into prototypes as well.


There are many of the benefits of using Riva animation in Figma like Streamlined workflow, cross platform compatibility, collaboration with others.

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It would help our engineers and QA to have them in the prototypes.

Super useful and important!

Hey! I started building a plugin for Rive, which features do you think would be interesting to add?