Right click in figma desktop app not working OSX

If I try to right click on an element in the canvas the right click menu doesn’t appear but it does work when you right click on that element in the the list of layers.

In the browser you can right click in both and that is preferable

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Hi @Flora_Pearson1

It sounds like a bug, maybe try to update the desktop version. If it doesn’t work I’m afraid you’ll have to delete it and install it again

ah ok. I just downloaded the app this morning so it will be in the current version

Im having the same issue using the browser version.

I just tried to uninstall the MacOS Figma and did a complete reinstall. I can still only right-click in the left sidebar layers menu and not in the canvas design area… Any other suggestions are welcome.

Right… there is a menu for this. It’s fixed now.

Make sure you have the option enabled for Ctrl + click? You can find it under Preferences > Ctrl + click opens right click menu :v: