Right Click and Double Click triggers for prototypes

Absolutely! I’m currently dealing with interactions that require distinguishing between single clicks and double clicks. It’s proving to be a bit challenging for me to set up.

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I NEED to be able to set up both left and right click triggers in Figma for user testing. I am considering looking for a different tool to prototype, that’s how much I need it.


Hey Flower, sorry wenn ich so umständlich dich kontaktiere, hier ist Stefan, Pianist. Schau mal bei Discord, hab Toki no Uta aufgenommen. Nach Figma bleiben wohl keine Möglichkeiten mehr zur Kontaktaufnahme :sweat_smile:

yes please!

Would be a great deal for peepz who are not working on mobile apps but focus on desktop apps!

Really need a right click fonction in my prototypes for real user testings. Very frustrating that this action doesn’t exist in Figma…

+1 for Right click. Also a Key + left click

It would be great to also have a Centre Click option too