REST API - Get color and text styles?

Hi all! Is there a way to get color and text styles data from the REST API? I’m using the /v1/files/:key/nodes?ids=:ids endpoint, and the response on nodes > [node id] > styles returns all color and text styles but only metadata, nothing related to font family, font size, color etc. Is this expected? I know that I can get those styles if I look for an specific element that is assigned to those styles, but that won’t always be the case, for example, if I have 10 text styles but only 5 are being used on a file, I’d still want info from all of them. I also tried using /v1/styles/:key but for some reason it always returns 404, and by looking at the documentation, it also only returns metadata and not the actual styling information. On the Plugin API I can just use figma.getLocalPaintStyles() and figma.getLocalTextStyles(), so is there something similar to this on the REST API?

Thank you, that totally works! I was under the impression that the “ids” query param was only for the “node-id” from the file URL, now it all makes sense. :smile: