Resize image with auto layout

Hi everyone.
I am new to Figma and app-development. I am trying it out. I like the way to work in Figma and feel hopeful. I am stuck though, and it’s probably a quit simple thing. I am trying to add an image as a logo in the top of my screen. But I want it to follow as I am risizing the screen. I have understood that auto layout is the way yo go, and I should choose “fill” for the image to having it to “follow” the frame it is placed in. But that does not seam to work for me, and it feels like I have tried all different variants in the settings for the auto layout. It must be something I am missing. Can you see what I am doing wrong? How would you’ve done something similar to this? I am adding an image and put it in auto layout, where image is set to fill and frame (auto layout) is set to fixed. Here are some images:

Thanks in advance! / A

Hey @Andreas_Sjostedt, I think if you update Frame 1 from fixed ↔️ to fill ↔️ you’ll see success! After doing that, you should be able to resize the outer iPhone 8 - 1 frame and the logo will grow and shrink to fit.

You may want to update the height of the Logo image layer to hug :arrow_up_down: though (currently set to fill :arrow_up_down: in your screenshots). Having it fill vertically could result in some weird distortions. You’ll find out when you try resizing the outer iPhone frame.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I can not choose “Fill” on Frame 1…(?)
Do I have to enable something to be able to do that?

kind regards / A

Hi, sorry…I just wanted to say that I got it to work. I simply started over and then your tips worked… Thanks for that.

May I ask, I can’t stop thinking…why wouldn’t you always wanna use AutoLayout as a default? I don’t see why it can’t be always on, and if you would like to disable it for some reason you’ll do so. When would you NOT want to use that? I just trying to get in to the thinking…

Anyway, thanks for your help!