Replace local components with Library components of the same name

I’ve encountered a problem and haven’t been able to find a native solution or any via plugins.

We have existing UI component libraries in Sketch, that have been re-created in Figma. When I import existing Sketch files that used symbols connected to the Sketch library, they (obviously) get imported into Figma as local components, unconnected to any library.

I want to be able to replace all these components in one fell swoop with the Figma library assets which have the same name. This page ( doesn’t work because these are local components, not a library.

Any one have any solutions or plugins that would solve this?


I am having this same issue — we had our library and documentation in a single file, but now we’re splitting it up. I want to replace all local master components with instances of matching library components. Hmmm

Same here!

Quite annoying, since it can only swap between libraries and even if you make a library from your local file it will not allow swapping local components.

Thank you for explaining it so clearly!

You should try Master!

Hey @Antoine
Can you share some details on how can i achieve this with Master ?