Reorder variable columns (modes)

Often when defining the various breakpoints in variables using modes, it would be great to be able to reorder the columns. Currently, once you set a mode column it is impossible to reorder it and this is not ideal.

:point_down: Currently these are set and cannot be draggable like rows.


Hi @Robert_Powers1
I built a plugin to save & reuse variables between your Figma files and it could help you to reorder the modes too

Waiting for Figma to build it natively, it can already help many

Here is the small tutorial and the youtube link (if you need subtitles or video below does not work)

Hey there Robert. This Idea is great. However, there are other posts about this feature that have more votes, which I will attach at the end of my reply. Please check them out and vote for the one with the most votes. (If you close this post, this might be even better, The chance of dividing votes between multiple posts will get lower.

Hi! There’s a new plugin that’s specifically for reordering modes, its called Reorder Variable Modes. You can drag’n drop them in the order you want, specially useful for setting a default mode (first column) after you’ve created several others.