Renaming a published file in Figma community

If I publish a Figma file in the Figma community and then decide to rename that file, when I re-publish it, will it simply get updated, or will it do something else?

Publishing a resource update from a file will publish the details and all changes to the file. Instead, edit the details on the resource page in Figma Community.

  1. Open your resource in Figma Community;
  2. On the top right, click on the “Manage resource” drop-down menu;
  3. Select the “Edit this page” item.

The reason is that I‘d prefer to rename my published file as I update it. For example, file-v1.1.fig then file-v2.3.fig and so on. I hope this can be done without losing stats on the published file.

Renaming the original file will not affect the published resource in Figma Community.

Wonderful. I‘ll go with that approach, then. Thanks!