Removing Figma

Please tell me how to do this correctly? I need to sell my old computer (Windows) with Figma and Photoshop installed. And these programs are synchronized with the new computer. Can I uninstall these two programs and then download them again? Is it possible to save one of your most important files to use later? How to do it? Thank you

Hi, nvisaeva.

Since Figma files are stored via cloud, you should still be able to use them for later. As for the Photoshop, if you didn’t store your files on the cloud storage, you will have to back them up either via another cloud or through local disks.

Take note, Creative cloud synched files will be discontinued on February 1.

Starting February 1, 2024, Adobe will begin discontinuation of the Creative Cloud desktop synchronization service and the folder and file sharing capabilities of Creative Cloud Synced files. Files in the Creative Cloud Files local folder will no longer be copied to cloud storage, and those copies in cloud storage will be deleted. Files and folders shared with other users from Synced files will no longer be accessible. All Adobe apps that leverage Creative Cloud Synced files to enable users to share files across devices will remove those integrations (Discontinuation of Creative Cloud Synced files)

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