Remove Flows Want Starter Page No Device

Within the last day my Figma is automatically adding flows to my layouts. I want to designate a starter page and I do not want device to be none. It feels like I’ve lost my mind. Can someone please help me with this dilema?

Thank you in advance!!


I am also experiencing this! I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. I just finally noticed after I finished prototyping, there were like 6 flows but I only wanted 1 flow. However, I just figured out that I can click each flow and then click the minus icon next to it to delete it…so at least it’s not a mess anymore.


Yes! I delete them as well but it happens repeatedly. This recently started so I don’t know if Figma released an update that is causing this? It sure is annoying! Glad to know it isn’t just me!


Thanks for sharing this Bethany. I appreciate it.

Today I realized that if you duplicate a frame that is a Flow Starting Point, then that creates a new flow. Maybe that’s all that was happening all along! Because if I duplicate a frame that isn’t the starting point, no new flow gets created.


I’m assuming you mean in the Prototype panel on the right? When I click a flow there’s no “minus” icon. Just select frame, copy link, and present. Did you have to do anything to get the minus icon to appear?

Figured it out! :slight_smile:
Step 1: Click on the frame that starts a flow.
Step 2: Open the Prototype tab
Step 3: Click the “-” icon to the right of “Flow starting point”

I was initially looking in the “Flows” section of the Prototype tab without selecting the frame. Sanity restored!


Ha! I get what you mean about the sanity. I almost have the new flow feature figured out. It’s cool that it gives you a left menu showing the different paths to show stakeholders. The one thing that I find irritating now is when I add a new frame on a different row Figma must think I want a new flow as it adds the flow indicator on each new page in a row that I create. I click the - sign on the prototype panel to remove it. (It wasn’t the easiest thing to find, at first, because I didn’t know where the flows were coming from.) Watching a few tutorials has helped. Good luck!

thanks Ian!!! I didnt notice we can do it that way. I think Figma should give us the option to remove the flow in overview prototype besides other options like share link or etc

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Multiple flows are necessary, but I think Figma’s implementation of multiple flows leaves a lot to be desired. I think all connections should be tied to a flow, so that I can delete all connections when I delete a flow. The way to see the list of existing flows should be easier to find. Adding a new flow should be possible from the list of flows, and it should make it clear I’m starting a blank flow.


This works. Step 3 from Ian, works just like removing any other properties in figma… the hyphen “-” is same as a minus button. You may have to click the prototype settings button between steps 2 and 3 in Ian’s solution.

I think having different flow starting points will be useful once we get use to it… for doing micro interactions without having users/reviewers start from the beginning all the time. Agree this was confusing.

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Aha! Thank you all! I was going nuts, too! I have nothing to add, really, but wanted to keep this flow alive because it says it will shut down one month after the last reply.

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Thank you for all of the replies. I’ve been using the flows and like them. The next hurdle is conveying to the stakeholders how to use the side flow menu. It’s one thing to add a useful update but to take something away that we were using, without explanation, is quite another. Hopefully Figma will communicate better with future releases. Also, did you realize you can add notes to the flows by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the Flow name? I pointed this out to my team as many didn’t realize that was there either. Good luck!

Thank you!

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Omg Cathy! You are such a gem! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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