Remove first property from a component

I have a “Viewport” property on a lot of components that has become redundant. I have built all typography with tokens and now the “Viewport” can be changed using modes. Very convenient. But now I want to remove this “Viewport” property from my components. But it seems like that cannot be done when this is the first and only Variable property. Any thoughts?

Hi @Eva_Willebrands, Thanks for reaching out about this.
Could you please tell us what kind of property is the “Viewport” property of that component?

From my end, I tested and found that I could remove the Boolean, Text, and Instance Swap properties. However, it appears it’s unable to remove the “Variant” property if the component only has one variant.

According to the article below, removing the variant property from your component set or main component, if it is the only one present, will result in the deletion of the entire set or component.

For the details, please take a look at this article: Create and manage component properties - Rename, reorder, or delete

Hopefully this helps to clarify the situation. If it’s not the case, I recommend contacting our support team for assistance here:
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  • Use the email address associated with your Figma account.
  • Add as an Editor to the affected file and related library file (don’t worry, this won’t affect your billing), and share the file links.
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If anyone from our community has additional insight or suggestions for this, please share here.
Thanks again for reaching out!