Remove/block viewers

Some people from our organization have left and we need to block their access to all files including the files that they have viewing rights.
Is it possible?
If so, how can we do that?

PS: We have the professional plan.

Thank you!

Hello @Maria_Stafida

You will find on the documentation many ways to remove people from you Figma files, but it the end it really depends on how you gave them access to them.

  1. If they have a project access go here

  1. If they were granted access file by file go here (it looks like it is the same link as above, but it leads to a different part of the page)

Hope it helps

Hi Haroll,

I just noticed that although I have deleted some former colleagues from the “members” (the generic team’s section) I can still see them to some single files and I wonder if I should open and delete them from all these files one by one.

I’ll checked it your links, maybe they are helpful.

Thanks a lot!