Remove background - not working

Hi Figma experts!

I’ve followed three tutorials online in relation to removing the background of a photo.
Each of the videos explains the exact same process.

The instructions go like this:

  • Create a frame
  • Import an image into that frame
  • Trace the foreground image out with the pen tool
  • Click ‘done’
  • Select the ‘fill’ colour of the vector in the right panel
  • Turn off the ‘stroke’
  • Select both the original image and the new vector
  • Click mask
  • It should be done. The background should disappear.

Yet when I repeat this process, I can not achieve the same result. I trace the image in pen. When I go to ‘fill’ the vector - it doesn’t fill. The panel on the right, shows that the fill colour is black, yet the image has not changed, no matter the order of layers.

Then, when I select both the original photo and the new vector and click ‘mask’. Nothing happens. It doesn’t seem to matter which layer I have on top of the other.

What am I missing? Why can’t I get rid of the background?

Thanks in advance and have a great day!

I create a frame.

Hi there!
Can you please share a copy of your file and a quick screen recording of what you intend to do? It’ll help us to better visualise what you did.
(and also share the tutorial video you followed). We can try to replicate it here :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Steve39, I think I might have figured out what you’re missing. Can you send me a screenshot of your layers? Is your image on top of your vector? Have a look at this YouTube video.

Hi. Thanks for that.

I followed that video word for word, click for click exactly.

Still, I don’t get the same result.

I’ve attached a ‘before photo’. Then ‘after’ where I’ve followed the instructions exactly.
I’ve also messed with changing the fill colour, because in other videos this was suggested. But it just demonstrates that it’s not working at all.

*edit - I can only attach on photo to a Figma post. I’ll attach the ‘after’ photo so you can see what I’m seeing

This is the ‘before’ photo…

Hmm this sounds odd :thinking:. Would you be able to share a copy of your file?