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Remove auto creating flow starting points

I love the new feature that allows multiple prototypes per page. One issue I’m having with it, is it assumes I want everything to be a new flow starting point each time I don’t link something from the first flow starting page.

It has a very linear mindset. When I work/prototype I tend to work on a section, then link it back and that creates many flow starting points on accident and I have to delete them.

It’d be nice if either - it only created the first one, and doesn’t assume you want many or there’s some kinda preference/setting where I can turn it off.

Do other people delete starting points or have work arounds? Or is there a preference/setting I’m missing where I can turn it off?


I upvoted this. Sometimes I do find the auto-creation useful but mostly I’m frustrated by this behavior. I find myself manually deleting most of the starting points that are created automatically because it’s not what I’m going for. It’s hard for me to articulate when I do want them to be created for me, but it seems like it’s always happening at the wrong time somehow.


It’s so annoying, I spend most of my time deleting the starting point, really don’t know why they made it auto.


Agree. The majority of my frames are NOT flow starting points. It is easy to add a starting point manually where we need, no need to make it the default behaviour.


Agree. Only the first one needs to be automatically created. It is easy to create new flow starting points, but difficult to remove. Maybe an easy way to remove those extra starting points from the list of Flows would be good.


Yes, very annoying having to remove multiple starting points for every prototype I create…

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Second this, it wastes my time removing flows which were auto created.

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Hi! Upvoting the feature suggestion.

Meanwhile, while we are waiting for the feature can anyone suggest a plugin that removes the flows automatically?

Nothing yet? It’s so annoying.

Upvoted. Agree that the multiple prototypes per page is great, but each new frame creating a new starting point by default is hugely annoying. Please give us the option to disable those flow starting points appearing on new frames.

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