Regex to rename everything after a slash?

I have several layers I’m trying to remove the prefix of everything before the slash. So with examples like:

  • 10 Money & Finance/0375_screen_analytics_line_graph
  • 15 Building signs/0562_dogs_pets_forbidden
  • 19 Security/0639_safe_security_lock

I’m trying to end up with:

  • 0375_screen_analytics_line_graph
  • 0562_dogs_pets_forbidden
  • 0639_safe_security_lock

I can’t get the regex in batch rename to work properly so any help would be hugely helpful - thanks so much!!!

I managed to solve my own question by using chatGPT. Using the rename tool and this regex expression, I could remove everything before the slash.


Hope this helps


Thank you! This helped me a lot :slight_smile: