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Reference a branch in another library

First and foremost, branching is a great addition to Figma, thank you!

Here is some background on how our Style and Component libraries are setup:

Project: Design System
File 1: Styles (text/color/other token styles)
File 2: Components (primitive components, larger organisms, and some templates)

What I’d like to do is create a branch in File 1 and change our brand color and add some text styles.

I’d then like to “stage” this branch so that I can reference it in File 2 (another file) and test some of the changes downstream in components to see how they might look before merging and publishing File 1 (in case there are things I need to change/add).

I would love some suggestions on how I might accomplish a workflow like this, or if it’s something that might be supported in the future.


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+1 for the ability to publish branches. I mentioned it in the slack channel as well.

In addition to the use case mentioned by you @Bryan_Berger, in our case it would be to be able to create v2/vX of components with breaking changes for older files that depend on the old version of the components. The published branch would be used to get files up to speed to the breaking changes.

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This is a great request. For now, we are trying to keep it as simple as possible, which means that only single files can be branched, and there isn’t a way to test out dependencies of the sort that you are describing.

We’ll think about this use case some more, but it’s likely that it will need to wait until after the launch of the initial version of branching. Thanks!

Wow, this is a great idea. +1. Totally get why it might have to wait and, IMO, worth waiting for. We (my team) were just discussing the possibility and benefits of publishing a branch of our library. We currently have a completely separate Beta library for this reason but it’d be great to just have a Beta branch and be able to cherry-pick changes from the Beta branch to merge into Main. Very similar to the way a Staging environment might work in a traditional dev environment.