Rearranging order of variant properties / text styles in dropdown

When I create new variant properties, or new text styles, the newest addition will land at the bottom of the dropdown list in the right hand pane.

Is there a way to reorganise these?

You can change the order manually using drag and drop.

To change the order of the properties, select the component set, and then drag the properties you want.

To change the order of property values, hover over the desired property, when the component set is selected, click on the “Settings” icon, drag the desired values.

To change the order of the styles, deselect by pressing Esc or by clicking on an empty area of ​​the canvas, and then drag the desired styles.

@tank666 I’ve done this successfully numerous times on text styles within the panel, but there are two styles (H4, H5) that won’t let me reorder them. When I release the mouse button, they just go straight back to the bottom of the list. All the other styles can be moved around as needed just fine. Any ideas?

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You may have encountered some kind of bug. In this case, you need to contact support.

Can you share a link to an example file?

@tank666 just figured it out (kind of). Turns out it was less related to the styles I was attempting to move and more where I was trying to move them. Apparently one of the styles wouldn’t allow me to move something beside it. But by juggling the styles around with some trial and error I was able to get things set the way I wanted.

I do think it’s a bug, but it’s no longer blocking me.

Got the same bug. It’s definitely not user error. I use Figma on a daily basis since release. It even moves the style to the desired place and then moves it back a second later, lol

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Happens for me pretty consistently still:

Jun-09-2023 15-54-07


Same problem for me. This used to work fine, but now it’s hit and miss.

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Same for me. It was not like that before

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Still broken. Some color styles can be dragged to a new position, others just jump back to where they were. No difference in how these styles are organized or named, it seems completely random.

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