Realtime preview, Figma mirror 2.0

I like the mirror. Only you always have to select the frame to see it in the mirror. What I would like is a mirror that always shows what I am editing without me having to select the frame.

Here in Adobe XD works

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thank you for all votes

Figma already has that function implemented, try this link

Thanks. I the first sentence I have the mirror link. In the gif you can see the mirror.

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes, this will be helpful :+1:

For example, there is a device screen frame where some buttons are added from components. Since components are on different page frame, that frame starts to show up. Instead would be better to see how the button looks on the actual device frame with the mirror view locked on it.

Also, sometimes, it shows blank even when I’m editing in the same frame. I have to deselect and select again for it to mirror again.

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