Realizing Layout-Components in Figma

Hello dear Figma-Community!

I’m currently setting up a UI-Kit-Library for my company’s own design system. In that system, so called Layout-Components like Stack, Columns or Aside are filled with the regular components like Table or Card to achieve responsive layouts.

I was wondering how to replicate this structure with Figma-Components. The issue I’m seeing is that children in component-instances cannot easily be replaced (– as far as I know, at least). So if I created an instance of the Stack–component and then tried to replace the placeholders inside of that instance with instances of, say, ‘Table’ or ‘Textbox’ Figma naturally wouldn’t let me do that.

Then there’s instance swap, of course… But I suppose that would make working with this UI-Kit quite cumbersome as one couldn’t simply drag components into designs but would have to select them in the inspector-panel instead… Sounds like a lackluster solution.

How would you guys tackle this problem?


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