Quick copy hex

It would be great to have a quick way to copy the hex codes of the library colours. At the moment it’s three steps (click the colour > filter icon > copy hex code.

Be great if it could be one click, especially with having to check colours for accessibility regularly.

Hi @Luke_Rumbelow

Looks like you are suggesting a new feature, maybe create a new topic in the “Share an idea” category.

Meanwhile when you have an item selected and you want to know its hexa you can hit Shift+D to toggle the dev view. On the right panel at the top bottom your will find the color and its hexa

Hi all! Thanks all for your feedback. As @Haroll said, I’ll go ahead and switch this topic category from “Ask to the community” to “Share an Idea” so others in the community can vote up for this idea. Thanks!

It would be super handy to copy the hex code of a colour in one click. While using a library, in order to copy a hex code to see if it’s accessible I have to

  1. Click the colour
  2. Click the filter/colour inside the panel
  3. Realise I can’t copy the hex
  4. Detach the colour
  5. Copy hex
  6. Undo undo!!

I realise you have a dev mode, great, but this would cater for the designers who need hex codes quickly, rather than doing the above. Here’s a possible solution. Pasteboard - Uploaded Image