Quantity and Add to Cart variables

Hi. I’m prototyping a select color, quantity and add to cart prototype and am having trouble with the variables.

The quantity is working fine, with:
Set variable [#itemcount] to [#itemcount] + 1

And on the ‘Add to Cart’ button I have:
To make visible any added item on the cart page
if [#ItemCount] > 0 Set variable [AddedToCart] to true

And to count the number of items added to the cart
Set variable [#CartCount] to [#itemcount: Black] + [#itemcount: Chrome] + etc

  • Where Black and Chrome etc are variable modes

The problem is that the CartCount is adding any quantity that is selected but I want it to only add the quantity after clicking Add to Cart eg. If I select ‘Black’ quantity 2 but don’t click Add to Cart, then select ‘Chrome’ and select quantity 2 and Add to Cart, the cart counter will show 4 and not 2.

I thinking I need some statement that says ‘only add quantity if Add to Cart is clicked’ but I can’t figure it out with variables.

Thanks for your help.

I assume you need to reset your variable #CartCount to 0, when changing the colour. you could do this by providing an else action. But I’m not sure, since I can’t see all of your variables and conditions.

Thanks @Philipp_Wartenberg1 the colours are setup in a component with the interaction swopping the component and changing the colour mode, so I could reset the #CartCount there. Then I’d need to make an exception to the reset for any colours that have been added to cart?