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Prototyping Flow

Hi everyone, i am new to figma and i need help with organizing the prototype flow.

I finished the design for a mobile app and connected the flow, however although when the connection points are clicked, the process flows smoothly, but on the preview page, the page numbers are not correct.
e.g. when i click on “sign up” which is on page 1, it goes to the sign-up form on page 4.
How do i rearrange the preview to make that sign-up form to be page 2.

Change the order of the frames on the canvas in your file.

Note: Figma orders frames based on their co-ordinates in the canvas. First, by their x co-ordinate from left to right, then their y co-ordinate from top to bottom.

If the y co-ordinate is offset in any way, then frames may appear out of order. To fix, you can set horizontal alignment for each row of frames to align-top.

Thanks, aligns perfectly now

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