Prototyping- fixed position does not work

Hi everyone!
I’m working on mobile app, then set “fixed position” for bottom navigation.
I don’t know whey it jump up in the middle of screen.
I tried transition with smart animation and dissolve, but both the same.

Here is Figma file.

Hi @Ayako, Thanks for reaching out about your prototype! I really appreciate you sharing your design file—it’s super helpful. I absolutely love your design.

I noticed that “bottom navigation bar” instance has vertical “Bottom” constraints applied, which seems to help it maintain its position relative to the bottom of the frame.

You can check out more about here: Apply constraints to define how layers resize

I hope this information is helpful to you. If there’s anything I missed, please let us know. Also, feel free to post in Japanese if that’s more comfortable for you.
Additionally, we’re always open to more suggestions or insights from our community.

Thanks again for reaching out.

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@Junko3 ジュンコさん、ありがとうございます!解決できました。
Prototypeを作るときにbottom navigation をそのフレームサイズの一番下に合わせてないといけないと思っていたので変な位置に配置していました。(この場合375x 814pxの814に合わせていました)
ありがとうございます :blush:


解決のご報告をいただき、ほっとしています :blush:

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