Prototype Suggestion: Preserve values when creating prototypes to greatly reduce our workload

While prototyping, if you draw a connection to a new frame you get a popup with a bunch of transition options like “on click”, “on drag”, “delay”, etc. It can take a bit of time to set this up for each transition.

The problem is, every time I draw a new connection, I have to reselect every choice even if all I want to do is create another transition of the same kind. This makes creating long flows, especially those that rely on delays and have a lot of similar screens, really cumbersome to create.

Suggestion: Preserve menu selections for each user per project file, don’t reset the popup menu.

For example:

  • User creates a new connection and sets it to Delay (10ms), Smart Animate (Ease Out, 100ms).
  • User creates another connection, it is already set to the same settings so the user doesn’t have to do anything more than draw a new connection. (Delay 10ms, Smart Animate: Ease Out 100ms is already set)
  • Include an option to revert this setting and reset the menu, for those who prefer the original flow for their work.
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ty for the feedback! i’m going to add an additional tag of prototyping to make this a bit more definitive :smiley: I don’t have any immediate suggestions on how to improve this as it is natively, but hopefully someone else in the community can jump in to offer some advice.