Prototype Presentation Link: option to share a static link

I need the option to be able to share a presentation with clients in a way that doesn’t allow for members of my team to make updates that client will see while they are reviewing. This would also be incredibly helpful for internal reviewing. This could be in allowing a link to only be updated manually and/or adding an additional layer of permissions.

Generally my pain points are:

  • Designers have accidently make updates to a working file and it threw off clients who were actively reviewing the work and added confusion
  • My company uses Page Proof for internal routing already but our clients are happy to use Figma to give us feedback. I need to be able to facilitate internal conversations around client feedback without the client seeing the discussion.
  • Page Proof allows links which works well with Figma, but if the designer forgets to make a duplicate page the comments don’t align with the prototype anymore.
  • Duplicating pages to “archive” rounds is cluttering my files

If there are better workflows, please let me know!

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your idea! We greatly value your feedback, and we would like to gauge the reaction of other members in the community. We may consider it for future enhancements!