Prototype overlays are not visible when using observation mode

We’ve used couple times Figma’s observation mode while user testing. We noticed that if your prototype has animation which contains overlay, that overlay is not visible for observators. Only person who is using prototype can see overlays. This is critical problem which deteriorates observation feature.


Totally agree with @Roberto! I would love to use this feature but since I only see half of the prototype it is currently not valuable for us.


This is still an issue nearly a year later, can the folks at Figma please look into this?

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We really need overlays in observer mode. Right now it’s practically useless for remote testing.


Agreed, this is a much needed feature when you present a prototype.

I accidentally noticed the overlays weren’t showing when spotlighting myself while presenting a prototype to some colleagues.

Luckily it wasn’t while presenting to customers. I had to resort to sharing my screen using Teams, which is far from ideal.

Saying that, adding audio would complete the functionality of presenting prototypes so I created an idea post for that → Enable audio while prototyping

Please fix this. My team and client are distributed. We always meet online and my prototype have entire screens just to show an overlay, which already exists as a stand-alone component.