Prototype of Flow Point

Whenever I run my flow point or presentation or preview , i keep getting a blank screen hovering over my design, skewing the the design to the left. At some point it will clear off ,the design appears as i have deigned it, but later, within minute the blank screen comes again maving my project or presentation unpresentable. Please what can i do ? Any help ?

Hey Tobi, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your presentation view!
Can you please share a quick screen recording demonstrating the issue, so we can better visualize what’s happened on your end?

I’d have some additional questions to troubleshoot. Does this happen in the browser and the desktop app? And, does this affect only this file, or all files you’ve checked? If it’s just this one, can you please add as an Editor (this won’t affect your billing at all) and send through a link to our support team so we can take a closer look? Please fill out the form here if you can’t share the file publicly here: We can try to replicate it.