Prototype not showing variants in either component nor instance of component

Hello everyone, confused/frustrated newbie here. I am having trouble getting Figma to prototype an instance of a component with 6 variants. When I make the prototype connections on the variants within the component, they look okay, but neither the component nor an instance is rendering correctly when I play the prototype. I think all the variations are being read as a single card, but I can’t figure out why. See the screenshots below. Please help!

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I have this same issue. how did you fix?

Hi There, Thanks for reaching out about this! I can sense your frustration.

So, if I understand correctly, are you experiencing issues with interactive components not behaving as expected when placed as instances within your design?

If that’s the case, could you please try selecting the instance and then clicking on [Reset interaction] from the Prototype panel on the right to see if that brings back the applied interactions?

Once those interactions are restored, the prototype interactions should hopefully start behaving as expected.

Hope it helps! I might overlook something, if so, could you please provide a quick video recording of the issue you’re encountering by showing the full Figma screen including the left and right panels to see the properties?
This will greatly assist our community in visualizing the issue and it will help us try to reproduce the same behavior in order to gain further insight!

We also welcome any insight or suggestions from our community, so please feel free to jump in!

Thank you!