Prototype not rendering instance of component correctly with dynamic content


I have found an issue with my navbar not responding correctly to when my sidebar is collapsed/expanded. In prototype when I collapse the sidebar, the navbar expands (fill container) as intended (although, content inside nav acts odd) and then when I expand the sidebar it pushes the nav right as intended but instead of the navbar resizing down to it’s original size (filling the container) it looks as though it pushes outside the frame to the right and part of the nav can no longer be seen.

When using the master component or if I detach the instance from the master component it will act as intended but obviously ideally I’d like to keep the instance attached to its master if possible.

I’m not sure if there’s something I’m missing but it seems to me as though this is a bug. I’ve attached two videos, the first is with an instance of the navbar and an example of how it’s acting incorrectly. The second video is using the master component and it acting as intended. Sorry about the low FPS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Broken - Instance of Component
Intended - Master Component

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