Prototype moving on drag

Hello there!

I have been using Figma for a little while during the course of my study and I have come across an issue that I don’t know how to fix. Hopefully someone in this community can help me out!

So the issue is that when I test my prototype (and I want to include a drag element) it drags the whole prototype to the side, resulting in white bars on the side and making the drag function not as intended.

Here is a screengrab to show what I mean;

I hope this is clear enough and I hope someone could help me out!

Apparently my link got removed, so here is the screengrab once more!


Hello !

This is probably because your inner content is smaller than your main artboard.

Hi There!

I have the feeling as well it’s related to something like that. However the artboards are 1920x1080 and everything is clipped in there.

Could you maybe help me figure this out?


You got overflow-x in scroll, it might come from this aswell :smiley:
You have to setup your artboard settings “Overflow scroll” in “No scrolling”.
Capture d’écran 2023-01-10 à 10.07.29

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I can’t believe I overlooked this option! Thank you so much. That fixed it!

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