Prototype models for Iphone 11 and 12 are missing

I’ve been working for about two weeks on a file where i used the Iphone 11 pro Max screen size for my frames. All was going well when today (October 25th), i found that these devices models where missing. The ihpone 11 pro model is one that i enjoyed using for some months now, and would take some time to rework all the diferent projects on wich it has been used.


Oh. I have the same thing. Don’t know what to do.

Exactly the same situation right here, all files have been created in the Iphone 11 Pro Max Model and now I cannot view it with this prototype mode. Can you please fix this as this makes it quite unprofessional for displaying demos to clients.


Same here! I’ve been using the iPhone 12 Pro (414x896) for all my prototypes and it was super handy mainly and decent to present to stakeholders in a phone. The option disappeared a while ago and I’m not left without any other option other than displaying my screens without a phone! What’s happening?

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I have the same thing. Please debug as soon as possile, thank you!

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phew…I thought I am the only one having the issue and Figma get rid of it for a reason…hope they fix the bug soon.

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It’s a weird bug on their end for existing pages, if you create a new page in the same file and paste your designs in there it seemed to work for me. Let me know if this fixes your issues. Also they moved the Iphone 11 Pro Screens from “Phone” to “Archive” when selecting a new artboard frame.


@Mauricio_Oliveira @nicolesuuk Could you please tag the others so they know

Same problem. Copying and pasting designs to a new page did not fix, unfortunately.

I’ve had to create a custom frame in the correct size to get past this temporarily, but it’s a drag.

Unfortunately creating a new page in the same file did not work for me. I still have the iPhone 11 frame on the old page, but not on any new pages or files that I create.

I hope Figma resolves this!

I can’t find iphone 11 and 12 in menu of Prototype Device.

Same here. A new document, a new page, no difference. The odd thing is, this only started today. The archive is not available on my version. It will take hours and hours to adjust all the wireframes. Yikes

New page didn’t work for me either, but what did work was duplicating an old project which had iPhone 11 Pro Max prototyped already… then i deleted all the pages and artboards and everything, and pasted the new designs i had in the new project i was working on… problem fixed for me this time.

Hope it help any of you

Any update or workaround?

Maybe try making a new page, insert a new frame using the “Frame” tool, go to Archive in the Frame List and pick iPhone 11 or 12, then you should see the iPhone prototype for that frame listed, once it’s there copy and paste the frame you’re working on into the new page while still having the blank frame in there.

I have contacted product support about this issue and it’s been flagged.

Hey everyone! Niko from Figma here. Sorry for the hassle on this! We’re thinking about a better way to surface old device frames.

For now the workaround is similar to what Norbert wrote;

I can respond with a workaround for now:

  1. Create a new page
  2. Create a frame from the “Archive” under presets with your preferred device. This will automatically select the right Prototyping device frame.
  3. Copy the content into this page.

I hope this helps as a workaround! Sorry for the hassle!

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this isn’t work for me. How could u consider those phone are old? I am working on a complete app under the frame of iPhone 11 pro. Now I couldn’t preview it to my client on the way I use to. I don’t want to scale all my screens since there’s hundreds of its already and it’s going to take a lot of time. If I you mind, I would even beg for the iPhone 11 pro to back as the preview device, please.

This is a disaster for the workflow of many agencies, cannot take it so lightly. By the way, where on Earth is presets? Or Archive for that matter. In any case this sounds a bit too much like an “Adobe support” type of answer.

If we create new pages where to add the prototypes which were already done with the iPhone 11 (supposedly!! because usually was enough to duplicate a file which was on iPhone 11 to automatically have new file with same settings - so I made 10s of new files convinced the setup was the same!!! )and already sent to customers, the link won’t be the same!

Plus we have a Confluence repo where all the links to the protos where already created. How can you find a workaround for that!