Prototype mode: Component "active dropdown" state keeps its state even if I move to another frame/screen

Hi everyone!

Got stuck with a simple issue. I have a header navigation component with 3 different states:
Default, Notifications Open, Profile Dropdown open

How do I make it reset to “Default” once a user is redirected to another screen? From Home Page to Settings Page for example. Once I get back from settings to home, it keeps that “Notifications Open” or “Profile Dropdown Open” state, it’s quite annoying.

I’ve tried the checkmark for “Reset Component State” in “Notifications Open” interaction but it does nothing. Also tried checking “reset component state” on the settings button in case it resets a global state of each component but it is not helping.

Can’t share the Figma file, unfortunately.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Erik, thank you for reaching out! Reset interactive component states to their original state, as set on the canvas. Could you share a screen recording with us so I can have a better understanding?