Prototype link shows a different 'page' from the Figma file (in our instance a cover)

I have an inconsistent issue with my prototype link. When I share it, some people get the prototype as per set-up (all the interactions etc). However, some people get a different page of the prototype which is our cover page for the Design File (visual attached from user testing).
Sadly this has affected a few remote testing recordings as users couldn’t get further.

The link to the prototype below, would be great to know if anyone else gets this issue and why is it happening?

Link to the prototype

When building prototype, are we only allowed to have one page in the file? But it’s inconsistency that worries me and I cannot be confident with sharing the link with anonymous users for the test.

Help :slight_smile:

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I’m getting the exact same issue. Did you find a solution?

Having the same issue.

Exact same issue help, could someone from Figma answer this please.

And its hard to test if the link works or not.
I tried the link in Incognito mode it worked fine, but not for the testing participant.

Me too. Without reliability, links are not helpful. @Figma_Support plz find a solution to this. This issue is happening to many designers in my company, including myself.

Having the same issue any news or updates?

Same issue today

Same issue for me. Figma support asked me how I got the link, I told them through the “share prototype” button. Still no reply on their end.

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Yes, we have experienced the same issue. Looks a bit scary :ghost:

Still have this issue almost 2 years later, @Figma_Support . The closest thing we’ve found to a temporary fix is opening the prototype in an incognito tab, closing Figma UI with keyboard shortcuts, then copying the share link from the toast that appears near the bottom of the screen.