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Prototype is freezing (mobile layout)

Hi everyone. Faced with an unpleasant problem, when viewing and interacting with the mobile layout in the viewport, Figma slows down, animations are played in chunks, it is impossible to smoothly scroll the layout down. Link:

Here is an example:

I note that I have such problems only in 1 layout. All the others work as they should. Here is an example:

And the most interesting thing is that the desktop layout in the same file works perfectly in the viewport, but the mobile layout does not. The system unit I have assembled from the most modern hardware, 64 GB of RAM, so there can be no problems at all, Figma does not even eat 15% of RAM and CPU resources with 20+ open layouts. The internet connection is also excellent, there have never been any problems.

This layout I made up according to the same principles as all the previous ones. About 2 years ago, I faced a similar problem and they could not help me with support. But later I found out that if you disable all animations (dissolve) of pop-ups and menus, the layout starts working as it should in the viewport. But now replacing some animations with others does not help me solve the problem.

Perhaps someone knows the solution, I would be grateful for a hint. I ask the Figma support team to pay attention to this problem, as it greatly slows down the workflow and makes it impossible to demonstrate your work to the client.

Thank you in advance for your help :upside_down_face:.

Hey @Dmitrii_Skotarenko does ths new prototype have any large style effects applies (like shadows or blurs)?

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Hey, @Bruno_Figueiredo! There are large shadows. But I use such shadows in many other layouts, and there were no problems there. You can duplicate and inspect this file, i attached link above. But, after all, please delete it from your drafts.

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Yeah just tested it out and couldnt understand the issue either. Let’s try and get help from support, bu with Config today and tomorrow, not sure if you’ll get it right away.

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@Bruno_Figueiredo, yep, i don’t think they’ll be able to answer today-tomorrow, it’s for sure. Thank you anyway, this issue is really weird, but i hope we’ll find a reason at this week.

I looked at your file and found the reason for the lags. The reason is the “Map” element. This element contains a lot of small vector objects. In order for the lags to pass, you need to use the “Flatten” or “Rasterize selection” function for this layer.

@tank666 Thank you, for the answer, but this is not a reason or solution.

  1. I’ve used tons of heavyweight vector elements in my other projects, one dotted map weight was 1,5 mb (current one is 788 kb for example), and there was 75 frames in the file, instead of 10 like in this file. All those prototypes running well, transitions was smooth, no freezing, no lagging at all. I don’t think 788 kb vector file is too critical for Figma perfomance. I’ve done 60+ project like this and even much bigger - prototypes was doing fine.

  2. Flattened vector object weight is exactly the same as not flatten - 788 kb. It make no sense to ctrl+e this.

  3. But png has a quite different weight - 50 kb. I’ve already changed vector on png, but lagging still here. I must admit that transitions became more smooth, but not as smooth, as it should be.

If Figma doesn’t “like” heavy vector objects, i will avoid them in future. But as i said, I’m not a newbie, i’ve made many projects in this tool for last 3 year, and prototypes were never lagging like this. But one more time, thanks a lot for advice.

In this case, you need to pay attention not to the weight of the vector, but to the number of layers and nodes of these vector layers. In the “Map” group you have 3447 vector layers, each of them contains 4 nodes. Total: 3447 × 4 = 13788 nodes.

The fewer the vector nodes, the better the performance.