Prototype interactions becomes broken when you navigate from first page [Bug?]

Hi Figfam, trying my luck here after failing to find a similar issue anywhere else…

The issue:
My Figma prototype was working fine, then suddenly it decided to only work for the first page. The whole prototype/ all hotspots become dead as soon as you navigate to the next page/ screen. Eve the blue highlight on the hotspots stop flashing.

The first page interactions all works as usual, and it does not matter which one, it can be different interactions on that page.

The prototype only stops working after you navigate away to another page, then the interactions become dead :confused:

Anyone else experienced this before? Help please!

Hi @Biran_He ,
Thanks for flagging this! It looks like a bug :thinking:

If you are able to, can you provide a link to your file and share it with, so that the technical team can investigate it. :arrow_right: Please reach out and send the file to the team directly via this form for help: here.

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Hi @Celine_Doan, thanks for the reply.

Since my post I have duplicated my designs, re-linked my prototype on a new page and it has worked fine.

I will share the original page prototype with Figma tech support, which is still broken.

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