Prototype Inconsistent Across Platforms + text in dropdowns disappear

We’re prepping to get some user feedback on our prototype, so you can imagine my frustration when other people are not getting the same experience as i’ve designed.

• Dropdown menus are completely empty (but still show the tinted fill on hover states).
• Upon clicking something in the dropdown, it closes, but the input field is blank instead of what should have been selected.
•At one point i noticed that Figma would say something along the lines of ‘replacing fonts’, so i figured i should use something more websafe and converted those sections to arial. Still the problem remained.
• I couldn’t recreate the problem on the same device that i work in, but I did create the issue (that my peers were concerned with) when i opened the prototype on my Figma app on the ipad.

One solution i may try is moving all of our user testing frames into a new file (preserving our design library and low fidelity files). Maybe that’d reduce the Figma brainpower needed to run?