Prototype Hover States on Mouse Events Malfunctioning

This might be difficult to explain. I have a row of thumbnails with hover states and each with their own background image. Each thumbnail is then displayed in a carousel (component). The functionality is, Mouse Enter (over a specific thumbnail) and the hover state and background image appears; Mouse Leave and the thumbnail returns to it’s default state.

This works well, however, when you move away from the component (Mouse Leave), all mouse enter/leave events previously activated, seems to playout. Example, all the actions are kept and rolls backwards as if playing through the history.

Said it would be difficult to explain! I’ve uploaded a screen recording of the issue. Any advise/direction would be a great help.

I’m not sure if this is a bug within Figma or using incorrect handlers.

Hi there,

Thanks for your post and for sharing that screen recording – it really helped me understand the issue. I gave it a shot trying to replicate the problem, but no luck on my end. Before we dive deeper, could you run through some basic troubleshooting steps? Here’s a link to guide you: If you’re still facing the issue after that, it sounds like something our tech support team should take a look at. Could you fill out this form to get in touch with them? You can file a ticket via this form: Our technical quality team will look into it.


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Thank you! I will take some time to read through the guide and it not resolved, file a ticket at the link shared.