Prototype hotspots are triggered twice when tapping on iPad

I have a pretty simple prototype wired up in my design file: 1. Click a button to navigate to a new page. 2. Click that same button to close the page and navigate back. However, I’m having trouble running this flow on the Figma app on my iPad.

It seems like the button “clicks” twice when I tap it. The page quickly opens and closes itself.

The interactions work as expected on desktop.


I have the same issue.
Try this workaround: change interaction to Touch Up then add a 500ms delay.
When you switch to the Touch Up interaction, there is a little :clock1: clock is in the Interactions Details panel. Click it to set the delay.

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Come on Figma!

This is one of several dealbreakers for me running Figma prototypes on an iPad!
1: The double touch issue
2: Figma iPad App does not seem to respond to keyboard input
3: No offline option

The double touch problem problem shows both in Safari (on iPad) as in Native Figma iPad app and has been there for many months now!

Please look at Protopie to see how a good mobile app is done!

(otherwise big Figma fan)

So still no answer or solution to this problem up until now?

Same thing is happening to me. Please fix this double tap on iPad. 1 tap should equal 1 click. Plane and simple, right?