Prototype: Horizontal scrolling add padding left and right but weird

I add 16px left and right padding on the chips/pills (makanan jepang, bakso, etc) to follow margin device frame and it looks good if I scroll horizontal. But, if I add padding on the cards (Nihon Goza, Ramen Kuy, etc) it looks weird and its not follow margin device if I scroll horizontal. What I want is follow the margin device like chips/pills. How to fix this?

this my Figma link:

Sorry for my bad english. I hope you guys understand why I mean.

Same issue here. Hope someone knows a solution :slight_smile:

With auto layout on the parent container, add a padding all around. Wrap your heading, pills, and cards in another auto layout container with its width set to “Fill container”. All three child elements should also have their width set to “Fill container”.