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Prototype freezing - removing mouse enter variant change resolved the issue

Suddenly today I noticed that my prototypes started freezing.
After some investigation I found that by removing the “Mouse Enter” variant change that I used for the hover effect on my buttons, the prototypes started working correctly again.

I’m not sure if this was the cause but it did resolve the issue. (note these had been previously working)

Image below to show how I had the buttons setup using the “Mouse Enter” and Mouse Leave" triggers to switch between the two variants.


I’m having the same issue I think. Yesterday my prototype was working, today I’m getting a lot of freezes when I try to get between pages with a click interaction. There are a lot of hover effects on the pages built with ‘mouse enter’ and ‘mouse leave’, I wonder if it’s a similar problem.

My prototype still freezes a whole lot. I didn’t use any variant

I’m having the same issue! :sob:

Hello I am Brazilian, there are crashes similar to me, they started this morning because I have to navigate through the menus created in the prototyping but there are several crashes happening and even some hours a white screen appeared.

Same pretty much all day long, noticed yesterday more than usual, and was working the day before flawlessly. I’ve also noticed it’s not just with mouse down/up interactions, it’s also with after delay. Thinking it’s deeper than just interactions, and more with interactive components and how they’re playing back in Figma Mirror or presentation mode.

My prototypes are freezing also :slightly_frowning_face: yesterday everything was alright. Today every prototype start to freeze after while.

Same here. Yesterday was perfectly fine. Today my prototypes are freezing all the time in desktop app and browser. Hope it will work tomorrow :thinking:

Looking into the freezing, I’ve come across a few errors in browser that could point to the issues.

One is a 404 that it looks like there is some error with retrieving fonts. The other looks like it fires after going through a few screens with mouse up, mouse down, mouse enter, mouse leave with interactive components. I’ll print the errors below for context.

Font 404 errors 404
(anonymous) @
(anonymous) @
(anonymous) @
(anonymous) @

JS/TS errors Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘l’ of null

I’m freezing too…

Restart doesn’t work


I’m having the same issue as @Fred_Tinsel. Yesterday evening I noticed my prototypes get stuck/frozen and pressing R on my keyboard or clicking the “Restart” link in the bottom right of the prototype screen fail to bring me back to the starting frame. I have to close the prototype tab and re-open it.

I’m confident this will get fixed soon :pray: the beta is still a joy to work with :two_hearts:

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Unfortunately I will add a layer…
it’s not only the prototypes that freeze.
Some actions or some plug-ins also freeze the app in editor mode.
I spotted this trouble with “Similayer”, or “Select Layers”
and once when editing a complex vector shape in a mask.

Same issue.

I have the same problem for a number of days as well. Changed some of the event types on interactive components - but I keep having the issue. It would be helpful if someone from Figma can confirm there’s a problem.

Any updates guys? Prototypes right now in beta are not usable at all. They are freezing all the time, so I can’t test component states properly. Do anyone from figma teams know what happens? @Rogie_King @Gleb @Anthony_DiSpezio

Similar problem with all prototypes even with Figma Playground components:
After event On Mouse Leave triggered clicking on any button to navigate to another page will freeze the prototype: Figma

Hey all - a fix will be going out for this today. Sorry for the disruption, and thanks for being patient - I’ll keep this thread updated.


Thanks @Andrew_Chan! I know you guys are after this. After testing, from the new load in on Windows and rebooting, still getting the same errors. Just wanted to update!

Appreciate the fast update but the same as @J.D_Compton unfortunately. They work fine at first and then something seems to trigger that freezes all interactions in preview.

still same problem. Here is your inhouse prototype. Hover over “Select Toppings…” and click button Next >. The prototype will freeze @Andrew_Chan